Choosing right career assessment tools the focus of new CERIC literature search

Career assessment helps individuals identify their abilities and interests as part of the career exploration and planning process. They are also important tools for organizations in selection, development and management of employees. CERIC new literature search on Assessment Tools for Career Development explores recent research in the area – from validation to ethical use.

New project to address unique career education needs of students with disabilities

A newly announced CERIC-funded research project aims to positively influence the practice of career educators by enabling them to work better with post-secondary students with disabilities in assisting them through their career transitions. Led by the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), the project seeks to determine the unique barriers and career transition issues for students with disabilities. It will also identify existing innovative career education practices and what professional development resources would allow career educators to maximize the impact of their interventions with this underserved population.

Latest literature search investigates career development as a lifelong process

The world around us is changing fast than ever, implying that we all need to continue to grow and develop in our careers or risk being left behind. This requires us to be adaptable, self-motivated lifelong learners. CERIC’s latest literature search Lifelong Learning and Career Development explores how lifelong learning practices enable successful career transitions in a knowledge economy.