Research finds it’s not too early to think about career development for young children

Every child dreams about what they will be when they grow up, but career development in childhood is often downplayed. A new set of CERIC-funded resources seeks to address this. The Early Years: Career Development for Young Children – a Guide for Educators and a Guide for Parents/Guardians – are the result of Memorial University research examining the influence that teachers and parents have on the career development process of young children, aged 3 to 8.

New reference guide offers case studies of “impressive” post-secondary career services

A new report presents case profiles of 15 Canadian post-secondary institutions that have been recognized for having best practices in career service delivery. Insight into Impressive Practices in Career Services: A Reference Guide expands on a CERIC-backed research study, released this spring, that sought to establish the importance that publicly funded universities and colleges place on career development services and to highlight impressive models of career services across the country.

Latest literature search looks at the role of volunteering in career development

Volunteering is a great tool to help develop both practical and social skills. In many cases, volunteering expands networks and eventually leads to full-time employment. How can career professionals provide advice on meaningful volunteering opportunities so that their clients can move forward professionally and personally? CERIC’s latest literature search Volunteerism and Career Development explores the benefits of volunteerism in advancing career development.

New literature search explores the link between social enterprise and career development

While definitions vary, social enterprises are businesses or non-profits that seek to achieve social, cultural, environmental or community economic goals through selling goods or services that generate revenue. Often in the realm of career development, social enterprise involves creating training or employment opportunities for marginalized populations. CERIC’s latest literature search explores the implications of social entrepreneurship research and practice in relation to career development.

New literature search defines the value of corporate social responsibility

Today’s business success goes beyond the concept of high-quality products and services. Forward-thinking organizations need to embed social responsibility into their core strategy and address the shared values of our well-being. CERIC’s latest literature search reviewed the research and practice of corporate social responsibility and the implications for career professionals.

New report on meeting career needs of newcomer and refugee students

The final report of a CERIC-funded University of Winnipeg project into how career development can make school more meaningful for newcomer and refugee youth is now available. The report provides details of a three-year research program led by Dr Jan Stewart that investigated schools and communities in Calgary, Winnipeg and St John’s. It contains recommendations for creating culturally responsive career development programs that address the unique needs of children who may be experiencing the effects of trauma, interrupted learning and acquiring a new language.