CERIC launches new Career Management for Small Business Playbook

66.7CERIC is today launching a new publication to help the more than 4 in 5 small- and medium-sized enterprises who worry about engaging and developing the talent to grow their businesses. Entitled Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Business, this action-oriented Playbook enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to use career management as a strategic lever for stronger company performance.

“Hope-centred interventions” help clients with job search and career planning

New CERIC-funded research shows that deploying specific hope-centred career interventions can positively influence the actions of unemployed adult jobseekers with low hope and high barriers. In the study, 70% of clients reported that after participating in the interventions they were able to develop new perspectives on job search, craft better career plans, and be more confident in their decision-making.

Free Webinar – Redirection Project: Career Development and Job Shifts for the 50+

CERIC will be offering a free webinar, Redirection Project: Career Development and Job Shifts for the 50+ on Thursday, January 12, 2017 (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET). A national CERIC-funded research initiative, Dr Suzanne Cook led the Redirection Project and will present her findings on later life career development among adults age 50 and older who shifted into second or third careers, as well as the experiences of career practitioners working with older adults.

CERIC releases Guiding Principles of Career Development

With a goal of bringing greater clarity and consistency to our national conversations about career development, CERIC has developed a set of “Guiding Principles of Career Development.” These Guiding Principles reflect multiple voices at CERIC and underpin its vision to increase the economic and social wealth of Canadians through career counselling and career education. They are intended as a starting point to inform discussions with clients, employers, funders, policy-makers and families – and come as the country marks Canada Career Month.