Smart farming and agritech.Careering

Canada’s agriculture sector must adapt to overcome chronic labour shortages

The industry needs training to improve worker expertise and ensure farm employers have skills to manage their workforce  Jennifer Wright This article also appears in the Summer 2020 issue of the National Career Development Association’s Career Developments magazine. For decades, Canada has been a world-leading exporter of agriculture products, and our contribution to food production…

A musical approach to career assessmentCareering

A musical approach to career assessment

Engaging with a song that moves your client emotionally can reveal surprising insights about their interests, values and passions Herky Cutler If I asked you to name something that crosses generational, cultural, political and spiritual boundaries, moves people emotionally, changes moods, inspires people to be better, creates community, brings light to social injustice and simply…

The power of playCareering

The power of play

Brock University’s integration of gamification and assessment has helped students discover new insights about themselves Marisa Brown We didn’t start out with a comprehensive plan to gamify assessments with our students at Brock University. It just sort of happened. We knew we wanted to increase student engagement in their career planning. We also wanted students…

The role of assessment in guided career interventionCareering

The role of assessment in guided career intervention    

Exploring why career practitioners use assessments, as well as how they can select the appropriate tools and effectively interpret client results JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey A version of this article also appears in the 2019 Summer issue of Career Developments, the National Career Development Association print magazine. Assessment has played an important role in career guidance since…

How career practitioners can assess themselvesCareering

How career practitioners can assess themselves

Evaluations can offer insights into clients’ satisfaction and success Peggy Shkuda How can we measure our success as career counsellors and educators? No matter where we work, we all want to deliver excellent service, but measuring the outcome of individual sessions is not easy. Many of us rely on our own intuition and experience to…


Experiential career counselling: A holistic approach to working with clients in transition

Discussing clients’ experiences, values, way of being and future possibilities can help deepen activate and deepen their awareness and perspective Britt-Mari Sykes In my career counselling practice, informal assessment strategies play a vital role in understanding what a client is experiencing, in discovering possible next steps and in harnessing personal agency. Addressing the whole person…

Principles in Action: Change is inevitable in career development. Fear of it shouldn't beCareering

Principles in Action: Change is inevitable in career development. Fear of it shouldn’t be

Chris Callanan With a goal of bringing greater clarity and consistency to our national conversations about career development, CERIC developed a set of “Guiding Principles of Career Development” that have been enthusiastically embraced across Canada. These eight Guiding Principles are intended as a starting point to inform discussions with clients, employers, funders, policymakers and families.Each…

Wearing many hats to help a young client find his pathCareering

Case Study: Wearing many hats to help a young client find his path

Successfully narrowing down a high schooler’s university choice involves commitment to exploration and to uncovering passions  Hoda Kilani In this recurring Careering feature, career professionals share their real-life solutions to common problems in the field I wear many hats working with high school students. I guide them to self-reflect. I mentor them to explore different…