Spring-Summer issue of Careering explores corporate career development

The theme of the Spring-Summer 2015 issue of Careering magazine is “Career Development in Organizations” and is full of articles exploring career issues in the corporate world:

  • Corporate Career Development: Art Meets Science, by Bill Huffaker
  • Career Development in Organizations: A Lost or an Emerging Opportunity? by Deirdre A. Pickerell and Roberta A. Neault
  • When Employees Win, Organizations Win, by John Horn
  • What Career Development Looks Like in the Canadian Workplace, by Mario R. Gravelle

…and much more, including:


Roxanne Sawatzky to offer Motivation to Work webinar series beginning October 23

CERIC and the New Brunswick Career Development Action Group have partnered together on a new webinar series. Presented by Roxanne Sawatzky, Motivation to Work: How to Support Your Clients to Get Unstuck and Get Working will provide attendees with practical techniques to support clients in moving towards employment. Participants will be introduced to James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente’s Stages of Change and to Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing.


Literature search focuses on workforce planning

A new CERIC literature search explores the topic of Workforce Planning. Workforce planning describes how various regions prepare for the types of industries, talent and skills they will need to keep their economy thriving. On an organization level, workforce planning may also encompass the kinds of individuals a business will need to ensure their organization continues to grow and thrive.