CERIC invites you to attend a free networking breakfast meeting to learn more about two key career theories, meet some of the BC-based authors and discuss how to apply their theories in your practice.

This meeting is also a great opportunity to network with other professional peers as well as to learn more about programs and services from CERIC that will be of value to you.

This is an inclusive event and we want to hear from all who have a stake in matters related to career and workforce development, including employers, career practitioners and educators.



The Synergistic Theory of Organizational Career Development with author Kerry Bernes, Professor, Counselling Psychology, University of Lethbridge

Kerry Bernes-Picture

The synergistic theory of organizational career development is one of the first attempts to harness the power of best-practice principles from both organizational development and individual career planning. This theory helps to bridge and balance practical employee concerns such as “How can I enhance my career?” and “How do I stay employable” with organizational issues such as “How can we best meet our organizational outcomes?” Kerry will introduce the participants to the core issues, strategies and tasks associated with the successful implementation of the theory.

Key learnings:

      • Understanding the 9 central issues of organizational career development
      • Finding balance through strategies, including creating a database of employee competencies and offering an organizational career development program
      • Implementing the theory in practice from both organizational and employee levels


The Career Writing Method with author Reinekke Lengelle, Assistant Professor, Athabasca University and Senior Researcher, The Hague University (Netherlands)

Career Writing is a narrative method of career learning that makes meaning out of lived experience. This playful writing method allows people to know themselves better and to become more resilient, self-directed and agentic. Reinekke will introduce you to Career Writing and how it supports people in giving direction to their lives in a time when society, employers and traditional biographies no longer suffice. You will also learn the advantages of career writing over one-on-one counselling since it can be done in a time- and cost-effective group setting, and allows students and clients to learn a method they can continue on their own.

Key learnings:

      • What problems career writing aims to address in society (the why)
      • What career writing is – writing creatively, expressively and reflectively for career learning
      • Examples of how career writing can benefit individuals


The Career Theories and Models at Work book with author and co-editor Roberta Neault

Roberta-Neault- Picture

Roberta Neault, co-editor, will also present the key learnings behind CERIC’s book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice, an international collection of 43 contemporary and emerging career development theories and models that inform the practice of career development professionals around the globe.


Date: Friday, November 8, 2019

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am MT

Address: University of Calgary, ENG 207, Engineering Academic Success Centre (EASC), 2500 University Drive NW

Cost: Free

Included: Breakfast

Please confirm your attendance as early as possible. Seating is limited.

Logo Schulich School of EngeeningHosted by The Alka & Sanjeev Khanna Engineering Career Centre within the Schulich School of Engineering. The ECC is committed with career advisors, interactive workshops and events to help students develop professional skills needed to be successful in their careers. The ECC supports students in engineering and engages with industry partners for future engineers and is pleased to partner with CERIC to host this roadshow.


If you have any question regarding the CERIC Roadshow, please contact cyrielle@ceric.ca.


Career-Theories-Textbook-Cover-(2)Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice

CERIC’s book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice is an international collection of contemporary and emerging career development theories and models that aims to inform the practice of career development professionals around the globe. It is also intended to be used as a text for undergraduate and graduate career counselling courses.

      • Contains 43 chapters on the theories and models that define the practice of career development today
      • Contributors are 60 of the leading career researchers and practitioners from four continents and nine countries: Australia, Canada, England, Finland, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States
      • Featured authors include the original theorists and those who have adapted the work in unique ways to inform career development practice