Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET (check your time zone)

Presenter: Dr Yilmaz E. Dinc, Research and Evaluation Manager, TRIEC

Cost: Free


While Canada slowly begins its post-COVID-19 recovery, many questions arise, particularly regarding the state of employment for recent newcomers. Many newcomers have been hit hard by the current economic fallout, with some working in precarious jobs in essential industries, such as food services, while others have new opportunities in high-growth sectors like IT and e-commerce.

Building on recent data and insights on the impact of the pandemic on the labour market, and adopting a newcomer inclusion lens, this free webinar will address how career development professionals can provide evidence-based guidance and tips to newcomers on effectively searching for jobs and pursuing career development & advancement opportunities. These insights and practical strategies will help career professionals to support newcomers in their career journeys during a time of economic uncertainty.

Why You Should Attend

The free webinar will help career practitioners and settlement counsellors working with immigrants to better understand the labour market challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic, and to gain the necessary insights for providing more targeted guidance to their clients.

Webinar Learnings:

  • Learn about the primary impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on immigrant career paths and employment opportunities, based on latest research and insights
  • Gain new perspectives on how you can support newcomers to succeed in their careers during a period of economic uncertainty
  • Increase your knowledge about the emerging virtual trends that affect the job search strategies and prospects of newcomers
  • Learn about the “disproportionate” effects of the pandemic on the labour market to inform your work
  • Enhance your understanding around the career priorities and concerns of new immigrants

Dr Yilmaz E. Dinc is the Research and Evaluation Manager at TRIEC. He specializes in research and cross-country project management with a focus on immigration and international development, including workforce participation of underrepresented groups and immigrant inclusion. Before immigrating to Canada, he was a program analyst at United Nations Development Programme’s global private sector hub in Istanbul, Turkey. He earned his PhD in strategic management from Yeditepe University in Turkey.

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