Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET (check your time zone)

Presenters: Lorraine Godden, Instructor II, Carleton University & Carolyn Hoessler, Founder, Higher Education & Beyond

Cost: Free


What is Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) when workplaces are remote? What is front-line experience when locations are essential staff only? What hands-on experiences can be feasible when capacity is halved, or it must be online? How to host a placement student in these times? These are the questions we are facing. This practical session is about getting to “this is a possible option” by identifying priority outcomes, the design options that remain, and assessment/feedback and activities that could align.

Why You Should Attend

In this free webinar, we will discuss the Outcome-Based Experiential Learning (OBEL) Framework, which is a concise systematic set of outcomes, design factors and planning template for an overall aligned Experiential Learning design and implementation plan. Furthermore, we will explore how this Framework can be applied to remote EL and WIL and help career practitioners answer the questions of what will be a good EL option for post-secondary institutions and community organizations in our current time.

Webinar Learnings:

  • Identify priority outcomes that resonate with learner, organizational and institutional needs to inform options
  • Identify options available in our current reality and based on five key EL design factors
  • Identify feasible activity and assessments options that align with outcomes
  • Distinguish between opportunity types (WIL, practice spaces, projects and employment programs)

Lorraine Godden specializes in understanding how career and life planning, work-integrated-learning, and other educational multidisciplinary and public policies are interpreted and enacted into educational programming and public policy interventions. Lorraine has 20 plus years of experience implementing, evaluating, and researching work-related policies in compulsory and post-secondary education.

Carolyn Hoessler specializes in designing relevant experiences, assessments and evaluation, and untangling key influencing factors to inform clear paths forward. Carolyn has over 14 years consulting and, as founder of Higher Education & Beyond (, works with teams (re)designing learning in higher education and professional development locally and nationally.

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