CERIC invite you to attend a free networking breakfast meeting to discover and discuss some key findings around Career Engagement with Dr Roberta Neault, an award-winning career development authority based in BC and co-editor of CERIC’s book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice.

This meeting is also a great opportunity to network with other professional peers from organizations with an interest in career development as well as to learn more about programs and services from CERIC that will be of value to you.

This is an inclusive event and we want to hear from all who have a stake in matters related to career and employment counselling and HR, including employers, career advisors and educators.



Career Engagement Model with author and co-editor Dr Roberta Neault

Neault, Roberta Dr Neault’s Career Engagement model (co-developed with Dr Deirdre Pickerell) situates maximum career engagement to occur at the intersection of challenge and capacity. Too much challenge for the available capacity can be overwhelming; too little challenge, on the other hand, leaves people feeling underutilized. Being excessively overwhelmed or chronically underutilized is the path to disengagement.
This research brings together two groups who have typically worked in silos: career practitioners and HR professionals, whose integrated supports and shared insights can benefit both individuals and organizations. The model has even broader application, including with high school students, foreign-trained professionals and retirees.

Key learnings:

      • How to identify the signs of career disengagement
      • The individual and the organizational responsibility for career engagement
      • How to engage and re-engage jobseekers and employees


Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Address: Foundation House, 2 St Clair Avenue East, Toronto (event held on the 2nd floor)

Cost: Free

Included: Breakfast

Please confirm your attendance as early as possible. Seating is limited.

Thanks to Foundation House who will be hosting this breakfast meeting at its offices. Foundation House is both a work space and convening hub for Canada’s philanthropic and not-for-profit community. The residents of Foundation House represent 10 engaged and passionate organizations that want to change the way the Canadian philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors work together. CERIC is proud of being a part of the Foundation House.

If you have any question regarding the CERIC Roadshow, please contact cyrielle@ceric.ca.


Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice

CERIC’s book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice is an international collection of contemporary and emerging career development theories and models that aims to inform the practice of career development professionals around the globe. It is also intended to be used as a text for undergraduate and graduate career counselling courses.

      • Contains 43 chapters on the theories and models that define the practice of career development today
      • Contributors are 60 of the leading career researchers and practitioners from four continents and nine countries: Australia, Canada, England, Finland, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States
      • Featured authors include the original theorists and those who have adapted the work in unique ways to inform career development practice