Original Dates: Novembre 12, 19 & 26, 2020 – 3 hours of learning

Presenter: Tannis Goddard

Language: English

Cost: Access to the Full Recorded Series: $119

By purchasing the webinar series on-demand you’ll get access to the recordings of each webinar in the series. Once purchased, the recordings remain accessible until February 2022.
Please note that given that these are recorded webinars, NO certificate of live participation will be issued. However, you’ll receive an order confirmation. It will be at your professional association’s discretion to recognize the recorded webinar series for CEUs.


This webinar series will focus on practices and design strategies to reach clients and keep them engaged in virtual career development services. Over the course of the series, participants will learn how to design interventions for mixed media and will explore practice strategies that enrich virtual and blended delivery. You will also dig deeper into the selection and use of technologies for creating an engaging learning environment.

What you will gain

This webinar series comes in response to a popular webinar delivered earlier in 2020 by Tannis Goddard and will deepen the strategies and best practices career practitioners can use when providing remote career services. The series will provide evidence-based strategies and tools that can be adapted to a variety of career and learning settings for practitioners, managers and policymakers. While a slow return to face-to-face services will eventually be occurring, this series focuses on creating engaging and sustainable service models that can enrich the delivery of career services during COVID-19 and beyond.

Webinar #1: Creating Learning Environments

  • Explore factors that influence the selection of technology for creating a learning container
  • Examine two different live examples to gain a deeper understanding of possibilities
  • Explore selected apps and how they can be integrated into a learning environment
  • Consider strategies for adapting face-to-face materials into digital experiences

Webinar #2: Designing Online Career Interventions

  • Consider how clients learn about themselves and make decisions
  • Explore how virtual delivery can facilitate this meaning-making process
  • Explore design strategies for building blended career learning experiences including a-synchronous and synchronous modalities
  • Reflect on the importance of service relevance and providing strong intake and on-boarding supports
  • Recognize key motivators and benefits for developing sustainable virtual/blended delivery models

Webinar #3: Practising with Purpose

  • Identify approaches to create a mattering climate and develop a working alliance in virtual learning environments
  • Explore how “presence” can be conveyed through synchronous and a-synchronous mediums
  • Recognize the benefits of and how to structure interactions and communicate online with clients
  • Consider strategies to personalize the career learning path for each client

What people are saying about Tannis’s recent webinar?

Angela Harrison, Employment Consultant, Loyalist College, CES (ON)

“This was the best webinar I have participated in since working remotely. It was all very relevant information and prompted so many ideas that we can apply to our organization in order to better serve our clients.”

Linette Menezes, Project Admin, Next Steps Employment Centre (ON)

“Very well conducted. The instructor, Tannis Goddard, was very knowledgeable, and conveyed a lot of information such as strategies, tips and tools on how to deal with clients effectively and also loved the Pedagogical Model and how to apply It.”

Christy Kimball, Lead Facilitator/ Career Advisor, YWCA (BC)

“Extremely informative and thought provoking; lots of different technology available that I was not previously aware of!”

Tannis Goddard is the CEO of MixtMode Consulting and provides consultation to governments on career services, with a specialization in online career services. She has over 25 years of experience operating career centres in Canada. Tannis led the launch of the first federally funded online career counselling program in 2004 and has since led the successful delivery of online services to a full range of client groups. With keen interest in seeing this delivery option grow in our field, Tannis has been involved in research projects and presented on this topic all over the world. Tannis also delivered a popular webinar on this topic earlier this year with CERIC.

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