Presenters:  Avra Davidoff – M.C. R. Psych

Dr Laura Hambley – PhD R. Psych

Date and Time: Thursday, June 16, 2016, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Cost: FREE

This webinar would be of interest to HR professionals, managers, business owners and career practitioners and coaches.

All registered participants will receive a link to the recording of the webinar.

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Funded by CERIC, Canada Career Counselling sought to understand the gap in regards to women’s career development and develop resources for employers and women experiencing maternity leave career transition.

Women make up approximately 50% of Canada’s labour force and account for 58% of post-secondary graduates. Of the working women who do become mothers, 90% will take a maternity leave. However, 36% of new mothers feel that taking maternity leave negatively impacts their opportunity for promotions, career development and career progression.

This interactive webinar was developed for anyone who employs, leads, manages, trains, coaches or otherwise supports mothers in the workplace, including adoptive, pregnant and parenting women. You will learn about some of the research stemming from this National project, as well as strategies to effectively manage maternity leave career transitions so you can better engage and retain talented women.

Webinar participants will:

  • Understand the impact of maternity leave on career development from the employee and employer perspective
  • Learn strategies to support the career development of working mothers including:
    – Building a communication plan
    – Establishing a return-to-work plan
    – Exploring options for flexible work
  • Redefine career progression in a way that supports a variety of careers

DavldoffAvra Davidoff is a workplace psychologist and Associate at Canada Career Counselling and the Leadership Success Group. She currently practices in the areas of career development, leadership development, and diversity. Avra holds a Master’s in Counselling Psychology, with a career counselling specialization, from the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology at Athabasca University.

Hambley Dr Laura Hambley founded Canada Career Counselling and has worked in the field of career development since 2001. Laura holds a Master’s in Applied Psychology and a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary. As an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Laura regularly contributes to research in career development.