FREE Webinar: Hope-Centred Career Development

Date/Time: Thursday, June 13, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Presenters: Dr Norman Amundson, Dr Spencer Niles, Barbara Smith & Hyoyeon In (University of British Columbia and Pennsylvania State University)

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This webinar will present a Career Development model (Self Reflection, Self Clarity, Visioning, Goal Setting & Planning, Implementing & Adapting) where hope is the centre point for all facets of the career development process. The presenters will share some quantitative and qualitative CERIC-funded research that they recently completed with university and college students in Canada and the US. In assessing levels of hope, the research used the Hope-Centred Career Inventory (HCCI) as one of the measures and assessed participants’ level of hopefulness related to student engagement, academic performance and vocational identity. The webinar will also discuss the research findings related to the experiences of students who scored high on hope, but were also facing major challenges in their lives.

About the Presenters:

Dr Norman Amundson is a Full Professor in Counselling Psychology / Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has given numerous workshops and seminars and also has been a keynote speaker at many national and international conferences. In his writings, Dr Amundson emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, cultural awareness, positive affirmation and action as career development strategies. His publications include over 100 journal articles; training DVDs (Active Engagement in Action, 2009); books such as Active Engagement (2009, 3rd edition), The Essential Elements of Career Counseling (2014, 3rd edition), The Physics of Living (2003), Metaphor Making (2010), Career Flow: A Hope-Centered Approach to Career Development (2011), Hope-Filled Engagement (2011); Counseling Around the World (2013); and several career workbooks – Guiding Circles and Career Pathways. Dr Amundson has won many awards from professional associations for his work, including an honorary doctorate from the University of Umea, in Sweden. Dr Spencer Niles is Distinguished Professor and Department Head for Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education at Pennsylvania State University. He is also Director of the Center for the Study of Career Development and Public Policy at Penn State. Dr Niles is the recipient of the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Eminent Career Award, a Fellow of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and NCDA, the recipient of ACA’s David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award, the ACA Extended Research Award, the ACA Thomas J. Sweeney Visionary Leadership and Advocacy Award, and the University of British Columbia Noted Scholar Award. He served as President for the National Career Development Association and Editor for The Career Development Quarterly. Currently, Dr Niles is the Editor of the Journal of Counseling & Development and serves on six additional editorial boards for national and international journals. He is also on the advisory board for the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy. Dr Niles has authored or co-authored approximately 120 publications and delivered over 125 presentations on career development theory and practice. Barbara Smith, MEd, MA is completing her Counselling Psychology PhD at the University of British Columbia, and she currently serves as an Executive of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Career Counsellors Chapter co-ordinating the Chapter’s social media. She received the 2013 Stu Conger Student Award for Leadership in Career Development, and she is the past recipient of the CCPA Dr Vance Peavy Bursary and CERIC Graduate Student Engagement Award for her contributions to career development. With her background in international education and global change, her current research interests focus around the roles of hope, playfulness and creativity in career development and in the counselling process. As a member of the Hope-Centred Model of Career Development (HCMCD) research team, Barbara coordinated with the Canadian research sites for the quantitative data collection, and conducted the qualitative research on the factors that help and hinder students’ experiences of hope. Hyoyeon In is currently a PhD candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to entering Penn State’s doctoral program, she developed and implemented employee training programs at POSCO’s Human Resource Development center in Korea (2006-2009). She completed her MA in Educational Counseling at Seoul National University in Korea. Her research interest is focused on career development for diverse populations. As a member of the HCMCD research team, In has been involved in validating the Hope-Centered Career Inventory (HCCI), reviewing empirical studies on hope in the context of career development, and conducting the quantitative research on the effects of hope on careers and academic performance.