Name: Mark Slomp

Education: PhD, Graduate Division of Educational Research, University of Calgary (2014).  Specialization in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Dissertation on improving career services in Kindergarten-Grade 12 (K-12) schools

Current Job:  Manager (Acting) of Counselling Services, University of Lethbridge

  • When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I wanted to be a country music singer.

  • How did you become interested in career development?

    When I was doing my Masters in Education and Counselling Psychology, we had to take a course in career counselling. Before that I didn’t really know what career counselling was. But I’ve always been interested in biographies and people’s stories and how people construct lives with meaning and purpose. That’s be a lifelong interest of mine. When I discovered career counselling I got really excited about it because I realized that’s what career counselling is all about.

  • What are you doing now that you’re done school?

    I’m currently the Acting Manager of Counselling Services at the University of Lethbridge.

  • Looking back, how did being a member of GSEP help enhance your current career?

    I think always building connections with other professionals in the field is extremely valuable. I’ve been to Cannexus a number of times and presented at Cannexus. I’ve always found it valuable to find forms and avenues for connecting with other professionals passionate about career counselling.

  • What is something surprising you’ve learned since getting into the career development field?

    That it’s really about building a life and creating an autobiography for oneself. That it’s about writing your own story and being the author of it.