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Career Perspectives

Name: Carol Amirault

Organization: Current Career Portfolio: Associate Professor, Career and Work Counsellor Program, George Brown College, Career Counsellor with Shepell-fgi and Small Business Coach with Essential Communications and the OSEB (Toronto, ON)

Summary: Career Perspectives is a marketing campaign designed to increase the visibility of career professionals and how we support diverse Canadians. Many Canadians are not aware career services exist or how such services could help them. This campaign that could easily work in a variety of media formats and adjust to accommodate budget requirements: bus and subway ads, magazines, posters and websites.

Project Description: Imagine a series of advertisements: visualize, in each ad, an individual who represents a selected target group pictured with someone from one of a variety of occupations. Then picture the same person with a career counsellor. The two occupations are described as they relate to this individual, highlighting the role of the career professional in the individual’s life. These are just a few examples:

  • Optometrists help us see the world; career counsellors help us see our potential.
  • Accountants show us our financial worth – career counsellors help us see our actual value.
  • Electricians get the electricity running through your home; a career counsellor will help energize your job search.

Each ad would carry a website address and QR code with a “call to action” message:  “For more information about how a career service professional can help you please visit www.careerhelp.ca” (example).


  • Establish budget, target(s) and media
  • Create ads
  • Build website
  • Place ads

Perceived Impact: The campaign would be designed to educate a wide range of target groups, build an awareness of the profession and emphasize the impact that career counsellors have on many Canadians:

A) career counsellors exist beyond the high school guidance department

B) assistance can be provided for a wide variety of career related issues

C) career counsellors can help people at almost any age or any stage in their career

The supporting website would become the “go-to” resource for those interested in finding out more information and would also serve to monitor the campaign effectiveness.

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