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The Great Canadian Job Challenge

Name: Joanne Stuart

Organization: Life Changes Consulting (Tiny, Ontario)

Summary: The Great Canadian Job Challenge™ is a national competition in which CERIC judges select counselor+client pairs from across Canada to work on specific career challenges. The people, the personalities and the career development processes are showcased over 3 months via traditional and social media sparking a national dialogue. Success stories are awarded prizes locally and nationally.

Project Description: The Great Canadian Job Challenge is pitched to career development professionals at Cannexus14. They are invited to propose a “counselor+client challenge”, i.e. Sara will work with Roger a 20-year-old high school dropout in St. John’s; Parvin will help Aurora in Medicine Hat who sent out 200 job applications with no response; Grant in Burnaby will help Inder begin again in a new country. CERIC judges will choose 6 – 12 counselor+client challenge pairs from across the country. Contestants will be awarded cash prizes and learning opportunities. The competition is launched during Career Week to piggyback on local and national events and media buzz. Over 3 months the pairs post progress videos weekly to YouTube, do interviews on cable TV, and Tweet to their followers creating a national dialogue and building momentum towards the final online voting. The Great Canadian Job Challenge has wide audience appeal and garners press easily like a reality TV show though no one is voted off the island.

Perceived Impact: The Great Canadian Job Challenge is effectively a marketing campaign in the guise of a competition. Through stories unfolding on social and traditional media it will ‘show’ all Canadians the value of career development. Each counselor+client pair aspires to meet the challenge and thousands of Canadians will become engaged in each story and the career development process that helps the client move forward. The next time they or their friends or family need help they will remember the stories and will look for advice from career development professionals.


6 Responses