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Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul By Sally M. Veillette Hara Publishing Group, 2003 ISBN: 0974185418 Sally M. Veillette rediscovered her passion and reclaimed her life. In Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul, she wants to help her readers do the same. This is a book for exhausted over-achievers—folks who’ve realized…


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Access for Foreign-Trained IT Professionals: An Exploration of Systemic Barriers to Employment JobStart and Skills for Change (March 2001). 40 pages. Downloaded free of charge at Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments, 4th Edition, 2001 Ed. Jerome T. Kapes and Edwin A. Whitfield, National Career Development Association Ordering information at Getting Started: A…


Latest issue of Canadian Journal of Career Development released

The newest edition of the Canadian Journal of Career Development (CJCD) has just been published, with five articles that range from experiential learning among undergrads to career engagement for older workers. The Winter 2020 issue includes: University Students’ Perceptions of Unplanned Events as a Factor in the Process of Career Choice, Ozlem Ulas-Kilic, Selen Demirtas-Zorbaz &…