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Introduction and Framework
Evaluating Inputs
Evaluating Processes
Evaluating Outcomes
Case Studies
Reporting and Using
Evaluation Results
Putting It All Together
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Working Group (The University Career Centre Metrics Working Group):
The group of career centre leaders who have conceptualized this project and have seen it through are:

Karen Benzinger, Director, Centre for Career Education, University of Windsor
Kristi Kerford, Director, Career Centre, Trent University
Leslie Lumsden, Director, The Student Success Centre, The University of Western Ontario
Kerry Mahoney, Director, Centre for Career Action, University of Waterloo
Yvonne Rodney, Director, Career Centre, University of Toronto

This group has been meeting over several years to discuss and share approaches to evaluation. While discussions and evaluation activities within the group have been broad-ranging, as a first project, the group developed a tool for setting and evaluating learning outcomes, which was shared with colleagues, including at a presentation at the CACEE National Conference 2007. We would also like to acknowledge past members of our group: Lisa Boniface, in her former role as Manager, Career Services, McMaster University, Patrick Burek, in his former role as Career Counselling Leader, Career Services, McMaster University, and Donna Robbins, in her former role as Director, Career Centre, York University.

Project Coordinator:
The Project Coordinator was Cathy Keates, Director of Career Considerations, who has been a member of the Working Group since its inception, formerly within her role as Associate Director of the Career Centre at York University.