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Introduction and Framework
Evaluating Inputs
Evaluating Processes
Evaluating Outcomes
Case Studies
Reporting and Using
Evaluation Results
Putting It All Together
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This section of the guide describes the evaluation experiences of five university career centres who have all used the framework described in this guide (inputs, processes, and outcomes) to inform their evaluation activities. While their approaches to evaluation have been adapted to their particular needs and settings, all have found the framework has had a positive impact and that evaluation is critical to how they work.

The main themes noted by the directors include:

  • evaluation is scalable, and adaptable to circumstances and needs
  • it takes time; start with small steps
  • involve the team, and other stakeholders, throughout the process
  • evaluation is a living process that emerges over time and is not a linear series of set steps
  • evaluation is both useful and critical


Each section below describes the directors’ reflections on their unique steps, decisions, and learnings for their centre.


Section 8 Putting It All Together: The Directors' Perspectives  
8.1 Career Centre, University of Toronto, St George Adobe PDF Document
8.2 Career Centre, Trent University Adobe PDF Document
8.3 Centre for Career Action, University of Waterloo Adobe PDF Document
8.4 Student Success Centre, University of Western Ontario Adobe PDF Document
8.5 Centre for Career Education, University of Windsor Adobe PDF Document