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Introduction and Framework
Evaluating Inputs
Evaluating Processes
Evaluating Outcomes
Case Studies
Reporting and Using
Evaluation Results
Putting It All Together
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Welcome to Career Centre Evaluation: A Practitioner Guide, a customized online resource to help university career centres think about and design effective evaluation strategies. This resource provides a look at how five different career centres have tried to understand the components of evaluation and how they developed tools to use in their settings.

This guide covers such topics as:

  • choosing an evaluation framework and approach
  • scaling the approach to the needs of your centre
  • creating timelines and implementing evaluation activities
  • reporting and using evaluation results for quality improvement, influencing, and marketing


Each career centre will have its own evaluation interests and priorities – by providing case studies of the experiences at several offices, along with a variety of tools and templates, this guide can inform how evaluation may be adapted to the unique needs of your particular centre.


Sections 1 & 2 Introduction and Framework
Section 3 Evaluating Inputs
Section 4 Evaluating Processes
Section 5 Evaluating Outcomes
Section 6 Case Studies – Examples of how career centres have evaluated inputs, processes, and/or outcomes
Section 7 Reporting & Using Evaluation Results
Section 8 Putting It All Together: The Directors' Perspectives


Download Complete Guide