Presenter: Azumme Degun

Original Dates: February 24, March 3 & 10, 2021 – 3 hours of learning

Cost: $119

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Recent world happenings, including the Black Lives Matter movement, have placed a spotlight on diversity and inclusion. In order to align with the business and social responsibility case for diversity and inclusion, more and more organizations are working towards repositioning their brands to understand racial bias, promote cultural intelligence and build a workforce that is diverse and inclusive.

Building and working in diverse and inclusive teams requires cultural intelligence as a competency and now is a great time to begin to develop an understanding of it.

Who Should Attend 

The world of work continues to evolve and the skills required to thrive in the workplace go beyond hard skills. One of the ways to excel in the workplace is to understand when changes are happening and how to optimize that change for career growth.

Equipping your clients to thrive in a multicultural work environment is essential, and it starts with you understanding the dynamics of the world of work as we now know it. As a career development practitioner, you need to gain an understanding of cultural intelligence, apply it to your own work and then you will be better equipped to share it with your clients.

Webinar #1: Building Cultural Intelligence (Competency)-CQ

  • What is cultural competency
  • How does it apply in the workplace
  • How to build CQ as an individual
  • How to encourage CQ in the workplace as an employer
  • Creating an organizational culture that encourages and rewards CQ

Webinar #2: Diversity and Inclusion

  • What is diversity
  • What is inclusion
  • Why do we need both diversity and inclusion
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies – from “individual” and “corporate” perspectives

Webinar #3: Understanding Implicit Bias

  • What is implicit bias and systemic racism
  • How does it present in the workplace
  • Identifying and overcoming implicit bias in the workplace or when working with your clients
  • The consequences of implicit bias in the workforce and corporate organizations

What are people saying about Azumme’s webinar?

Danielle McCann , Career Learning and Development Advisor, Royal Roads University, BC

The pacing, content, and delivery of this challenging material was well thought-out. Azumme made many crucial concepts come to life by putting them in context and by gently reminding us of our humanness throughout. I have attended other workshops on similar topics and found that this 3-part approach was much more effective than a one-day marathon because I had some time to digest and reflect. 

Kalsey Root, Program Instructor, Calgary Immigrant Women's Association (CIWA), AB

This webinar will help me teach CQ to my clients as well as continue to work well with colleagues. It also helps me question and acknowledge my own biases and do better going forward. 

Kim Abram, Case Manager, ISS of BC, BC

 I have already had DEI training so it was a good summary and review. It’s a huge topic to cover in 3 hours, esp to have to accommodate for people coming from all different knowledge bases, so Azumme did a great job providing basic to more advanced information. She had a down-to-earth approach that I love, gave great examples, and came from a place of caring telling us not to feel guilty, sharing she also makes mistakes, and encouraging us to learn and change. She has a very supportive way of teaching. 

I work with immigrants with multiple barriers/hurdles and so this refresher reminds me of the many ways they can experience bias. It also reminds me to not be complacent, and to therefore check my biases, assumptions, and any micro-aggressions I might unintentionally be contributing. With refreshed knowledge, I can continue to contribute to my agency’s DEI efforts. 

Azumme Degun is a career development professional with expertise in immigrant career advisory, cultural intelligence, job search strategies, stakeholder engagement and diversity and inclusion advocacy. With a bachelor’s degree in economics and over 12 years of experience spanning banking, government and not-for-profit, she has an avid interest in seeing new immigrants settle into Canada. In her role as the Program Director-Career Mentorship Program with Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council, she leads a team that helps immigrant professionals leverage the power of mentoring in their job search while also helping managers and employers harness a global talent pool, locally.