Partnership Applications

CERIC is currently accepting proposals to develop innovative resources in career counselling and career development. We invite individuals and organizations (e.g. education, community-based, non-profit, private, etc.) alike to submit project proposals for career counselling-related research or learning and professional development.

Priority given to proposals will vary with time, in accordance with gaps identified and the available resources. Each proposal will be dealt with individually with respect to rights and responsibilities. The CERIC Board makes decisions around proposal acceptance. Board decisions are final.

The following Practical & Academic Research priority areas have been identified:

  • Labour market information
  • Early intervention to assist children's career decision-making
  • Evaluation: Impact of policy and programs on career services
  • Intersection of diversity and work

The following Professional Development & Ongoing Learning priority areas have been identified:

  • New emerging career development theories and career management models
  • Impact of social media on how career practitioners are doing their work
  • Entrepreneurial education and career development
  • Impact of disability and/or mental health issues on career development

Partnership Applications

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Ethical Research Guidelines

Sample Consent Statement

Are you a for-profit organization? Please review these guidelines: