In 2014, CERIC celebrated a decade of enabling and supporting thought leadership, knowledge and skill building, community collaboration and raising the profile of career development in Canada.

Throughout the year, we undertook a series of special anniversary initiatives to mark the milestone, including:

  1. Creation of a history page on the CERIC website
  2. The National Challenge to Promote Career Development
  3. Surveying employers for the Environics National Business Survey on Career Development in the Canadian Workplace
  4. Publication of Career Development Practice in Canada textbook and a series of Texttalks podcasts
  5. Releasing a new edition of the Decade After High School: Professional’s Guide
  6. Addition of Spark! (TED-style Talks) at the Cannexus National Career Development Conference
  7. Offering a series of free 10th Anniversary webinars with project partners
  8. Collaborating with the Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD) to launch the Glossary of Career Development
  9. Development of the Canadian Career Development Researcher Database
  10. Producing an anniversary issue of Careering magazine, “Looking Back, Reaching Forward”

Read our Anniversary Card to learn how career development professionals tell us that CERIC has made a difference to their work.