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Presenter: Dr. Nicole Jackson, Sacred Heart University

Dates: Fridays, November 12, 19, 26

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET (check your timezone)

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The past decade has created tremendous shift in both work expectations and norms in career and leadership succession planning. Among those challenges include less reliance upon how individuals fit into specific roles and pathways, towards instead understanding where leaders can build for greater innovation, agility and resourcefulness. In this webinar series, we will discuss the need to strike this balance around what is called the “ambidexterity challenge” – defined as the need to balance for competencies with innovation – in the digital and post-COVID economy. We will also elaborate the above effects as related to opportunities to diversify your workforce through succession planning; where to ensure transparency and fairness in the process; and how to drive employee engagement and mentoring strategies. 

Why Career Practitioners and Employment Centre Leaders Should Attend: 

Today’s career pathways and leadership succession practices face rapid disruption. They need to be informed by the existing effects of digital transformation and now the effects of the post-COVID economy. Yet, many of the practices that centre upon career and leadership succession are trapped in the past and/or show a significant disconnect to the ways in which individuals now need to empower themselves and their organizations for this shift.  

Webinar #1:  Taking the Ambidexterity Challenge

  • Understand what the “ambidexterity” challenge is – and why it is important to organizations 
  • Apply key frameworks to audit organizations for this capacity  
  • Identify core drivers where failure on this challenge needs to be paired with career and leadership succession planning practices 
  • Conduct a gap analysis in terms of what kinds and sources of data are necessary to sync organizational planning to career and leadership succession planning, including diversification and mentoring strategies 
  • Wrap-up with 2-3 applied takeaways 

Webinar #2:  New Perspectives on Succession and Avoiding the Traps

  • Understand how “ambidexterity” challenges are not just about organizational redesign, but also team development 
  • Audit teams for this capacity through a “network” perspective 
  • Identify key decision-making traps that hamper embedding of this perspective and how it may affect career and leadership succession planning 
  • Integrate existing communications patterns with this new approach
  • Wrap-up with 2-3 applied takeaways  

Webinar #3:  Developing Growth Mindsets and Career Agility

  • Understand how individuals must become chief strategists in their own career given the “ambidexterity challenges” facing organizations and teams in light of today’s economy 
  • Conduct a competency and value-dive audit on what is needed individually to develop greater agility 
  • Understand where these concepts can be tied to a growth mindset in career and leadership succession planning 
  • Identify alternative career paths along with those that can be run in parallel to handle the above effects and transitions 
  • Wrap-up with 2-3 applied takeaways  

Nicole Jackson, PhD, is a management educator, published author and thought leader on the effects of digital transformation, innovation and change on individuals, organizations and societies. At the moment she is the Associate Professor of Management and Incoming Director of the MBA Program at Jack Welch College of Business and Technology, Sacred Heart University. Nicole’s research and teaching are repeatedly recognized by academics and practitioners for their relevance and currency including being presenter for SHRM NorCal and most recently as a keynote speaker for the Innovation Summit for the Government of Pakistan. She is also the founder of the i4xLearning program, a training program that is dedicated to HR and career alignment in the innovation economy.