Presenter: Jodi Tingling, MSW, RSW

Dates: Thursdays, November 18, 25, December 2, 2021

Time:12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET (check your timezone)


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This webinar series will address the disparities racialized folks experience in their careers including those who identify as Black, Indigenous and as people of colour. As a career practitioner it is vital to understand the systems that serve to harm or hinder the career trajectories of those who are racialized. The research is clear, the systems in place can negatively impact their careers as they face many barriers that alter their recruitment, hiring, advancement and retention in the workforce. Although there has been some progress in businesses recognizing the need to have a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce, more work needs to be completed to dismantle the systems that continue to contribute towards promoting and harming those who are racialized.  

Why Career Practitioners Should Attend: 

Working in a system that operates to oppress individuals who are from a racialized group should be a concern for everyone but especially for someone who empowers others in their education and career trajectories. The systems in place were created to elevate some groups while historically oppressing others. If you want to apply practical strategies to be equitable and inclusive when working with your racialized clients, the time is now. Learn what it takes to be an effective ally and an agent for change. 

Webinar #1:  Why Now: Impacts of Being an Inclusive Career Practitioner 

  • Learn what being inclusive as a career practitioner really means and how you can apply it to your everyday practice 
  • Uncover the relevance of why being inclusive and anti-racist matters  
  • Engage in a self-assessment to identify your own biases and reflect on your own inclusive practices as a career practitioner 

Webinar #2:  Unpacking White Supremacy Culture and Its Impacts on Racialized Folks’ Career Trajectories 

  • Dive into what working in a system of white supremacy really means 
  • Learn how systemic oppression affects the career trajectories of professionals who are racialized  
  • Assess examples of white supremacy culture  

Webinar #3:  Strategies to Be an Impactful and Inclusive Practitioner 

  • How you can contribute and commit to being an inclusive, diverse and equitable career practitioner 
  • Learn essential strategies to empower your racialized clients 
  • Learn how to become a true ally  

Jodi Tingling is a Workplace and Wellness Strategist who works with leaders, professionals, and organizations to ensure they meet their unique workplace goals. As a champion for Black, Indigenous and people of colour, her passion is to create equitable workspaces where everyone can feel safe to work in their purpose.