Presenter: Dr. Jason Cressey

Dates: Tuesdays, November 9, 16, 23, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET (check your timezone)


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A garden full of flowers can only reach its full beauty and potential if the weeds are kept under control and the soil is healthy. Resilience in our career paths works exactly the same way: we all face the “weeds” – especially after the challenges of the last 18 months. Most of us now face the risk of languishing in anxiety and uncertainty, busier schedules and higher levels of stress than ever – and many clients feel the same way. Going forward, how can you not only survive, but thrive?  

This webinar series offers insights and practical skills to help you – and those you work with – flourish in the current and future challenging times. Topics include cultivating everyday mindfulness, navigating challenging emotions and managing negative cognitive filters. These interactive sessions bring together the latest psychological research to help boost your sense of well-being and optimism, and offer you the tools to reinvigorate any post-pandemic career path.    

Why Career Practitioners Should Attend: 

The benefits are two-fold: resilience is an essential skill to share with clients who may have experienced career upheaval, exhaustion, languishing or elevated anxiety levels due to the pandemic. In this sense, the webinars offer a range of valuable tools for professionals to pass along to clients in their career development journey.     

Additionally, the onus lies on career development professionals themselves to model resilient well-being and integrate the skills presented in these sessions into their own professional lives. The insights gained from this webinar series therefore stand to benefit both those who attend and, in turn, the clients they serve.   

Webinar #1: What Is Resilience and Why Does It Matter to Career Professionals?    

  • Define Resilience – and why it is a pre-requisite for successful career development (and not simply an outcome of it!) 
  • Appreciate the role of Positivity and Wellness in enhancing long-term resilience 
  • Identify the Resilience Busters that we face during our career path, and ways to introduce some simple daily rituals to mitigate their subtle effects   
  • Investigate your Explanatory Style and see how it impacts resiliency levels 
  • Recognize the subtle impact of Languishing on career development and how it has become so widespread during the pandemic 

Webinar #2: Resilient Thinking: Training the Brain to Deal Optimally with Challenge  

  • Learn to spot Cognitive Heuristics – those traps and shortcuts that lead to pessimism, reduced energy and stagnation 
  • Understand the role of Mental Filters and how they can help us through challenging situations 
  • Experience the process of Cognitive Reappraisal with tools to confront any negative perspectives that compound already difficult situations 
  • Examine the role of any long-held Beliefs through which we interpret and label adversity and hardship – and ways to break free of this “negative programming” 
  • Develop practical Mindfulness techniques to keep ourselves clear and balanced in challenging situations    

Webinar #3: Beyond the Mind – Everyday Practices to Cultivate Inner Strength 

  • Discover practical activities that contribute positively to enhanced resilience, including techniques that reduce anxiety and tension 
  • Understand the role of GratitudeKindness and Spontaneity in long-term resilience 
  • Explore the concept of Flow and why it is an essential ingredient of well-being 
  • Consider the impact of Choice in career development, and whether resiliency levels may be suffering from Overchoice 
  • Delve into Chronemics – your relationship with time and how this can enhance or detract from background energy levels     

Jason Cressey gained his PhD from Oxford University, specializing in social behaviour, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, cultural differences and positive psychology. Since 1997, he has been a consultant and workshop facilitator for a wide range of clients – from small non-profits to global corporations –  on a variety of psychology-related topics. He is a popular keynote speaker and brings a dose of humour and personal story-telling to all his presentations. Jason also offers online coaching/counselling, applying insights and perspectives from his many years in the field to assist clients in managing obstacles and challenging situations.