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Good Career Advice comes from Professionals

Name: Jodi Lastman

Organization: Conestoga College CDP Certificate (Kitchener, Ontario)

Summary: The 2010 Environics survey found that people most commonly turn to their work associates, relatives and neighbours relatives for career advice. This humorous public awareness campaign will engage the public by highlighting the fact while that anyone can give career advice, only Certified Career Professionals have the tools and tactics to do it responsibly.

Project Description: This campaign will target recent graduates and adults seeking employment or considering a change. It will feature a series of web-based and print ads highlighting the typical career advice people get from their parents, relatives etc. One example is an image of a mom saying “Your a great artist honey, but you can’t make a living doing that” The print ads could be featured in the Career sections of daily newspapers like Metro. The banner ads would be on websites such as Monster.ca. Also, the campaign would invite people to Tweet the worst career advice they ever received using the hashtag #badjobadvice. Tweets will pop up on a dedicated site using a platform like Blame Drew’s Cancer (http://blamedrewscancer.com). The site will also feature videos of prominent Canadians sharing the worst carer advice they ever received. At the site people would then invited to explore information highlighting what sets Certified Career Professionals apart and how to access Career Professionals’ services.

Perceived Impact: Using a lighthearted approach the campaign will highlight parents, friends and neighbours bad career advice to help people better understand Career Professionals’ essential role. The majority of Twitter users are 25-55 years old, this is an ideal target. By inviting people to share the worst career advice on Twitter (to be posted on dedicated site) we can spread the message and attract people to a hub that will shift their perceptions about the value Career Professionals bring to making life-changing career decisions. The print and web ads will be used to support individuals submissions.


14 Responses