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I’m investing in my development!

Name: Nathacha Courchesne

Organization: Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, QC)

Summary: My idea involves recruiting well-known individuals to star in video clips in which they talk about significant experiences where using a career development service made the difference for them. The idea is to present our little-known services and the positive, surprising or astonishing results of experiences with a career development specialist.

Project Description: The project’s mission is to spread the word on the various services involving adaptation, rehabilitation, reorientation and reinsertion, thereby spotlighting the scope of our work and promoting our profession as something more than just an academic advisor. Our video spots will feature stories from business people, retired hockey players and public figures who will spend 15 seconds explaining the benefits they received from meeting with a career counsellor (fulfilling professional aspirations, finding a better job, taking on new tasks, being happier and more satisfied at work, new outlook on life, etc.). Each video clip will conclude with the slogan “I’m investing in my development!” with CERIC’s logo and website address. The clips could be played in movie theatres during the previews, where audiences are both receptive and captive.

Perceived Impact: The videos will be exportable to various media, so they can be aired on the Internet or other types of publicity outlets. Having satisfied clients share their stories will allow our public to identify in general with those stories and will have more of the desired impact. Also, using people who are well known would be a way to really grab attention (which is what we want), and being associated with personalities will give us long-term visibility and even allow us to consider reaching the masses by going on TV or the radio.

6 Responses