Butterfield, Lee

Last modified: July 19, 2017

Program Director
  Adler School of Professional Psychology
Area(s) of Interest:
  • Career Conversations
  • Work
  • Managing Change

Selected Publications:

Butterfield, L.D., Borgen, W.A., Amundson, N.E., & Erlebach, A.C. (2010). What helps and hinders workers in managing change. Journal of Employment Counseling.

Borgen, B., Lalande, V., Butterfield, L., Gray, M., Jacklin, D. & Taheri-Tabriz, M. (2010). Career conversations: The development, implementation and evaluation of an innovative human resource intervention for small to medium businesses. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Career Development Foundations.

Amundson, N.E., Borgen, W.A., Iaquinta, M., Butterfield, L.D., & Koert, E. (2010). Career decisions from the decider’s perspective. The Career development Quarterly, 58, 336-351.

Butterfield, L., Borgen, W., & Amundson, N.E., (2009). Impact of a qualitative interview on workers’ view of their situation. Canadian Journal of Counselling, 43, 120 – 130.

Butterfield, L., Borgen, W., Maglio, A., & Amundson, N.E. (2009). Using the enhanced critical incident technique in counselling psychology research. Canadian Journal of Counselling, 43, 265 – 282.

Butterfield, L.D., Borgen, W.A., Amundson, N.E., & Maglio, A.T. (2005). Fifty Years of Critical Incident Technique: 1954 – 2004 and Beyond. Qualitative Research, 5, 475 – 497.

Butterfield, L.D., & Borgen, W.A. (2005). Outplacement counselling from the client’s perspective. Career Development Quarterly, 53, 306 – 316.