Fortin, Bernard

Last modified: July 21, 2017

  Universit√© Laval
418 656-5678
Area(s) of Interest:
  • Labour Markets

Selected Publications:

Fortin, B., Rsgued, S. (2017). (A paraitre/forthcoming), DoesTemporary Interruption in Post Secondary Education Induce a Wage Penalty? Evidence from Canada, Economic of Education Review Summary. ScienceDirect

Boucher, V., Fortin, B., (A paraaitre/forthcoming), Some Recent Developments in the Empirics of the Effects of Networks, The Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks, Y. Bramoullé, A Galeotti, B.W. Rogers, eds. Oxford Handbooks.

Fortin, B., Nicolas, J, Shearer B. (2010). Labour Supply, Work Effect and Contract Choice: Theory and Evidence on Physician. CLSRN Working Paper no. 68.