Hatala, John-Paul

Last modified: July 21, 2017

Career and Work Counsellor Program
  George Brown College
416.415.5000 x2193
Area(s) of Interest:
  • Career Development
  • Human Resources
  • Job Search
  • Organizations

Selected Publications:

Hatala, J.P. & Yamkovenko, B. (forthcoming). Methods for Analysis of Social Network Data in HRD Research. Advances in Human Resource Development.

Hatala, J-P. (2016). Weak Ties and Self-Regulation in Job search: The Effects of Goal Orientation on Networking. Sage Journals

Yamkovenko, B.  & Hatala, J.P.(2014). Feedback-seeking and social networking behaviors during job search: A conceptual model. Human Resource Development Review, I(1), 102-124.

Hausdorf, P.A., Risavy, S.D., & Hunter, P.E. (2014). Effective HR project execution: understanding project, team, and stakeholder issues. In R. Klimoski, B. Dugan, C. Messikomer, & F. Chiocchio, (Eds.), The art and science of managing human resource projects. SIOP Professional Series. Jossey-Bass.

Bates, R.A., Holton, E.F. & Hatala, J.P.(2012). A revised learning transfer system inventory (LTSI): factorial replication, item reduction and validation. Human Resource Development International, 15(5), 549-569.

Hatala, J.P. & Hisey, L. (2011).Toward the development and validation of a career coach competency model. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 24(3), 101-122.

Hatala, J.P. (2009). Assessing Individual Social Capital Capacity: The Development and Validation of a Network Accessibility Scale. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 22(1), 53-68.