Practice Firm: A Unique Concept in Employability

Since 1995, the practice firms have given the opportunity to almost 5000 Canadians to update their knowledge and acquire hands-on work experience while conducting an active job search. Throughout their activities, the participants benefit from the professional support of resource personnel.
The concept of the practice firm was born in Germany during the fifties. It plunges unemployed individuals in a simulation of the commercial activities of a real business trading with more than 3200 PF in 31 countries and their 28 counterparts situated in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia.

Practice firms and you

Your organization is dedicated to education or employability? You can become a promotor of a practice firm, as did colleges, universities and not-for-profit organizations that allowed Canada to be a part of the PF world-wide expansion.

For more information on practice firms and how this concept could be of interest for your organization and for job seekers in your region, do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Practice Firms Network.

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