Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) hosts its 6th annual Cannexus conference, January 23-25, 2012 in Ottawa with over 100 sessions and an impressive lineup of keynote speakersToronto, Jan. 10, 2012 – The constantly shifting economy has made career choice and the role of career counsellors more important than ever. With Statistics Canada’s most recent Labour Force Survey showing the unemployment rate increasing, 700 career professionals will be coming together to discuss the biggest ideas in the field at Cannexus12, Canada’s National Career Development Conference.

The largest annual event of its kind, Cannexus is designed to promote the exchange of information and explore innovative approaches in career counselling and career development. It takes place in Ottawa, from January 23-25, 2012 at the Westin Hotel and Ottawa Convention Centre.

“Career development remains crucial, especially in the midst of an uncertain economy and the transforming world of work,” says Nancy Dube, chair of the CERIC board of directors and general manager of the YMCA Sudbury. “We are seeing massive changes in the way people find jobs and manage their careers. Organizations are leaner, individuals are more flexible and society’s values are changing. Cannexus is about the new rules of career development and how career counsellors can best guide Canadians.”

The conference offers more than 100 education sessions on topics including:

  • Navigating mid-life career changes–whether by choice or consequence
  • The growing trend of self-employment in Canada and strategies for self-employment survival
  • Parental involvement in children’s career exploration
  • How social media is being used to find jobs
  • Attitudes and skill sets that Gen Y needs to develop their careers
  • Helping people with mental health challenges to find, keep or return to work
  • What are the jobs for youth in the “green economy”, in conservation and alternative energy
  • Preparing international students for employment in Canada
  • Coming to terms with “career regret” and never achieving your career goals
  • Impact of homophobia on career choice and job search

Cannexus presents a strong lineup of keynote speakers. Internationally renowned career development expert Dr. Mark Savickas (U.S., South Africa) will discuss “The Career Counsellor’s Career.”As well, Michael Adams, founder of Environics, will address how Canada’s shifting demographics will reshape the country’s labour market. And, Trey Anthony, award-winning actor, playwright (‘da Kink in My Hair), comedian–and life/career coach–will explain that we all need to understand ourselves before we can reach our full career potential.

Successful programs in career development will be highlighted at Cannexus, such as: the “M Project” designed to meet the career development needs of young mothers aged 14-21 in the City of Winnipeg; a partnership between Toronto’s Ryerson University’s Tri-Mentoring Program and Regent Park’s Pathways to Education Program on mentoring from high school to post-secondary and then on to a career; and an initiative involving BHP Billiton diamond mine and the Government of the Northwest Territories aimed at helping First Nations and Inuit students in their career decisions.

Cannexus12 marks the conference’s sixth anniversary and we are confident that it will keep growing in scope and impact,” says Riz Ibrahim, vice-president and general manager of CERIC. “By taking part in Cannexus, delegates can share best practices and learn concrete ways to enhance their professional development, organizational productivity and client service effectiveness.”

The conference also features three pre-conference workshops, a plenary panel of leading academics in career counselling and an exhibitor showcase of products and services.
Cannexus is supported by its founding sponsor, The Counselling Foundation of Canada, and a broad network of organizations in the career development sector.

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CERIC – Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling is a charitable organization that advances education and research in career counselling and career development. We support the creation of career counselling-related research and professional development for a cross-sectoral community through funding project partnerships and our strategic programs. Our strategic programs are Cannexus, ContactPoint / OrientAction and The Canadian Journal of Career

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