Building Groups and Warm Ups, YWCA Over 50 warm-ups, over 25 lessons including trust, group building and communications. Available from the YWCA of Metropolitan Toronto, Life Skills Department, (416) 487-7154 x238

Scholarship Finder 98 – a comprehensive Canadian scholarship resource – search over 20,000 Canadian entrance and in-school scholarships worth $20,000,000. Includes a Budget Wizard to help students with financial planning, information on provincial loan programs, letter writing and an interactive planner and tips section. CD-ROM (requires 8MB of RAM) Edge Interactive Publishing (1-800-211-5577)

The Career Directory, 1998 Edition, by Richard W. Yerema, Research Psychologists Press, Inc. (800) 401-4480

What Color is Your Parachute, 1998 Edition, by Richard Bolles, (Also available on CD ROM). Visit