Since the last issue of the Contact Point Bulletin, we have added a number of new Occupational Fact Sheets in the Helping Foreign Trained Professionals section and updated some of the previous entries. New Fact Sheets include: Dentists, Dietitians, Nurses and Social Workers.

Visit our list of who’s who in career counselling and related fields through our On-Line Registry of organizations and agencies. There are over 230 organizations listed, representing a broad range of services and work settings across Canada. Is your organization listed?

Did you know that posting a job vacancy at Contact Point was FREE! And we’ve made it that much easier to do so. We have just added an on-line submission form to make posting job ads at the Job Board a fast and easy process. Do you wish to post a job vacancy?

We’ve added new listings of Conference and Workshops in our Professional Development section. Stay posted as we add new information in the New Year!

We’ve Moved!!!

Our new office location is:

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