Since the last issue of the Contact Point Bulletin, there have been many enhancements to the website:

Through our partnership with Skills For Change, we have added two new components in the Helping Foreign Trained Professional section: Best Practices in Employment Counselling for Foreign Trained Professionals; and Counselling and Job Search Strategies.

There have also been additions to our on-line Registry of Organizations and Agencies. With almost 250 organizations, agencies and private practices listed, the Registry is becoming the networking hub at Contact Point for the practicing counsellor as well as the practitioner in training. Market your services through the Registry!

We have added a page of Labour Market Information links to our Other Websites Section. We have also revamped our Discussion Groups and added new topics based on user comments.

We have added new professional development opportunities for the new year. Check the Conference and Workshop Calendar for details.

Don’t forget to check out job postings at the Job Board and messages on the Notice Board. If you have a job vacancy to post, you can do so free and on-line using our new Job Board Posting Form.