Since the last issue of the Bulletin, the Contact Point website has seen many changes. In January, Contact Point saw the addition of three new areas. There is a section on Helping Foreign Trained Professionals with a variety of useful information including occupational fact sheets. There is a new diagnostic vocational assessment resource for counselling learning disabled individuals. We have also added on-line information and application form for a new bursary for the Collaborative Career Development Practitioner Program.

There have also been additions to our on-line Registry of Organizations and Agencies. Our Professional Development area now includes PD offerings by the private sector, community based organizations, colleges, universities, various school boards, and more. There are new workshops and conferences, and our list of courses at the college and university level has also been enhanced. We have added a number of additional Canadian and international links to our Other Websites section, and several new Discussion Groups have been initiated. Don’t forget to check out job postings at the Job Board and messages on the Notice Board.

Finally, welcome to new readers. The Contact Point Bulletin is now circulated to almost 2,500 career and employment counsellors and career development practitioners across Canada and around the world!