The Importance of Understanding Cultural and Familial Influences on Career Development: Through a Chinese-Canadian’s Experience

By Danni Lei Canada is well known throughout the world as a country of multiculturalism with a diverse population. Within the counselling context, it is important to explore and understand an individual’s unique cultural influences. A cultural lens is important for understanding people’s career development, including career planning and decision-making. Within an economically and status…


Culturally Responsive Career Counselling

By Susan Qadeer The increasing diversity in our major cities requires that career counsellors develop and continue to acquire competencies in working with a multicultural population. When working with clients who are very different from ourselves, we will want to rethink some counselling practices that may not be useful across cultures and to incorporate more…


Never been more needed: Developing a new competency framework for career professionals

Career professionals from across Canada are collaborating to set a new standard for practice in the field, an exercise that highlights the pride and professionalism of its members Kathy McDonald and Philip Mondor The contexts in which career development professionals (CDPs) perform their jobs are becoming increasingly complex. As the labour market prioritizes competencies and…

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Working with Muslim clients: Adopting multicultural and social justice counselling competencies

Career professionals need to consider the diverse cultural identities and needs of Muslim jobseekers Walaa Taha Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, and within Canada, the Muslim population is rapidly expanding. According to the Pew Research Center (2011), Muslims account for 3.2% of the Canadian population, and their global population is…

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Supporting international students’ career development from a strengths-based lens

Practitioners can help students leverage their resilience and cultural capital in career planning Candace Stewart-Smith, Jessie Eulenberg and Kathleen Clarke The limited Canadian literature on international students and career development tends to focus on deficit factors. These deficit factors might include cultural barriers (e.g. language barriers), lack of relational networks and perceived employer biases that…