CERIC has a strategic priority to: Champion and enable inclusive, multi-sectoral communication and collaboration with career development stakeholders.

  • Develop online platforms that leverage technology to deliver content and engage career professionals
  • Create publications that educate, inform and are inclusive of diverse perspectives from the field
  • Establish relationships nationally across Canada and internationally beyond our borders to enrich research and practice


Through its online communities, enewsletters and social media, CERIC has used technology to bring career development professionals across Canada and around the world together to provide resources, learning and support.

CareerWise/OrientAction Content Websites
The CareerWise (English) and OrientAction (French) websites help people working in career development across Canada stay up to date on the top news and trends.

They offer a curated selection of relevant and thought-provoking articles on education, skills, counselling, employment and the workforce from a variety of publications. The sites also features original perspectives and timely analysis from recognized experts and community voices, as well as round-ups of popular resources and events. New articles are added daily.

OrientAction is a partnership between CERIC and la Société GRICS.

CareerWise Weekly and OrientAction en bref
CERIC’s regular content curation newsletters have become cemented as essential and much-anticipated resources by Canada’s career development professionals.

The English-language version is called CareerWise Weekly and the French version is OrientAction en bref. They send the best of the CareerWise and OrientAction websites to readers in-boxes every week.

Available for free, each newsletter brings together the most interesting news and views to keep readers current, enrich their work – and save them time.


Whether through a newsletter, magazine or journal, CERIC strives to not only advance the body of knowledge in the field of career development but to mobilize that knowledge by bringing it to those who can benefit from it and apply it their practice.

Careering Magazine
CERIC publishes Careering, a professionally designed magazine that reflects the growing maturity of the career development field, in January 2013. Produced in partnership with MarketZone publications, Careering is distributed in both a glossy print and a modern digital format three times a year and includes select content in French.

Each issue of Careering explores an emerging theme in career development, such as “Global Careers” or “Barriers to Employment,” as well as 10 questions with a leader in career development.

The Canadian Journal of Career Development
The Canadian Journal of Career Development (CJCD) is Canada’s only peer-reviewed academic journal of career development. It has a mandate to present articles in areas of career research and practice that are of interest to career development practitioners.

The journal is now producing two issues a year, one print and online, as well as one online only. Current as well as past issues of CJCD can be accessed for free online. CJCD celebrated its 10th anniversary with the publication, A Multi-Sectoral Approach to Career Development: A Decade of Canadian Research, which continues to be downloaded as a valuable resource.

The Canadian Journal of Career Development is a partnership between CERIC and Memorial University of Newfoundland with the support of The Counselling Foundation of Canada.


With such a multi-faceted field as career development, CERIC has sought to build links nationally across sectors, between researchers and practitioners, and among English and French communities in Canada, as well as internationally.

National and International Networks

With its programs and projects, CERIC reaches across and beyond boundaries. Some examples include expanding the types of supporting organizations for our Cannexus conference to include groups such as the Skills/Compétences Canada and Workforce Planning Ontario.

CERIC has developed relationships with new markets through our roadshows and other outreach, including economic development agencies, municipal social services and labour organizations – each with a uniquely different point of intersection with the field of career development.

Through providing our content to organizations like the Career Development Association of New Zealand, we have shared the best of career development in Canada. Likewise, CERIC has brought new ideas back home by inviting articles from career leaders in countries such as Finland and Korea and by participating in the International Association for Education and Vocational Guidance conference.