What do students, mentors and past members say about being part of GSEP?

Where Are They Now?

We have reconnected with former participants of the Graduate Student Engagement Program. We wanted to know how their career journey unfolded, where they went after completing graduate school, and the role the engagement program played in their professional lives.

In the career field, we are likely familiar with the notion of planned happenstance; that one ought to be attuned to chanced opportunities and to act on those opportunities. Receiving the GSEP Award was certainly a sign confirming I was moving toward a positive direction as an aspiring academic and researcher in career development! I am grateful to the GSEP and to CERIC for facilitating numerous continual opportunities to connect with people, resources and knowledge.
Candy Ho
EdD Candidate in Post-Secondary Educational Leadership, Simon Fraser University
As a newcomer to Canada I was seeking to establish a new professional home. Finding GSEP became very much part of that process. Through GSEP I began an incredibly beneficial relationship with CERIC that continues to support my scholarly and professional development. GSEP is a wonderful initiative that really helped me at a time when I most needed it!
Lorraine Godden
PhD, FHEA, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
I really enjoyed participating in the GSEP program. It was a wonderful opportunity to have breakfast with other graduate students from across Canada and learn about their research. I also enjoyed hearing words of wisdom from Norm Amundson at the breakfast. I very much value the opportunity I was given through the GSEP program to attend Cannexus as a student. I enjoyed attending the various sessions and learning from practitioners from across Canada. I now work as a counsellor at Athabasca University and I still refer to the great resources I gathered at Cannexus.
Connie Covey
EdD, Workplace and Adult Learning, University of Calgary
The GSEP has been a wonderful introduction to a welcoming and diverse community of career development practitioners. The GSEP program’s opportunities to meet professionals at Cannexus as well as participation on CERIC’s Marketing Committee have been a tremendous learning experience that will serve me long into the future.
Trevor Lehmann
BEd, MEd Candidate in Counselling Psychology, University of Manitoba
Joining GSEP has provided me a wonderful opportunity to share my research at Cannexus and connect with valuable people and resources in the career development community. There was such a synergy at CERIC between passionate people coming together from various regions of Canada with a shared goal of advancing knowledge and practices in the career field, and it helped me grow in my ongoing career development journey as well.
Heejin Kim
BA, MA Student, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, University of Victoria
Being a part of GSEP was an incredible experience. I expanded my network of career development researchers and practitioners, learned about the current trends in career development in Canada, and found a chance to present my work at Cannexus. As a graduate student, I appreciate CERIC’s support in my professional development.
Duygu Biricik Gulseren
PhD Candidate, Saint Mary's University
This has been a wonderful initiative and several of my own students have benefited from the support.
Nancy Arthur
PhD, R.Psych, Former Professor, Educational Studies in Counselling Psychology, Associate Dean Research, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
Being part of GSEP at CERIC has been valuable, not only in terms of winning a scholarship to Cannexus, but also in terms of access to resources and support when I’m trying to find the answers to academic and professional questions.
Jennifer Davies
MEd, CCC, EdD Candidate in Counselling Psychology, University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
My membership with GSEP at CERIC offered me an opportunity to attend and present at Cannexus, but more importantly to get connected with those working in a field I felt so passionate about. Career is a life long process, as is the learning we will undergo, and GSEP is the perfect way to engage in the dialogue of the journey.
Angela Katsamakis
MA Counselling Psychology Candidate, University of British Columbia
Being part of the GSEP has allowed me to really further explore my research and professional interests through writing an article that I was proud to share with family, friends and colleagues. In addition, receving GSEP’s support allowed me to contribute to the exciting field of career development by supporting my attendance at the Cannexus conference for my very first speaking presentation.
Danni Lei
MSc Counselling Psychology Candidate, University of Calgary

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