madelaineMadelaine Currelly has been the CEO of the Community Training and Development Centre (CTDC) for approximately 20 years. During those 20 years the CTDC has assisted over 35,000 people with career information, and developed supporting resources which assisted and focused community members on building their economic security.  The CTDC works with all levels of government and partners with local agencies to provide community innovation and development.  All community members from all walks of life and all age groups have benefitted from CTDC resources and unique programming.

Research projects the CTDC has undertaken with community partners include: the Rural Economic Development (RED) –Northumberland, Age Friendly Communities-Northumberland, and Status of Women: Economic Prosperity for Rural Women. All projects have aligned with career knowledge and development.

The CTDC has won two prestigious awards in the career development field.  The Ontario Economic Development Award of Merit in 2010 and the Global Best Gold Award for North America, 2016, for its career development programming for youth and adults.

Madelaine is a Board member of Habitat for Humanity -Northumberland, a member of the Community Employment Resource Partnership, and a member of the Northumberland Learning Advisory.

Previously she served two terms as a School Board Trustee for the local public school board.