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Career Development Challenge

Name: Dave Redekopp

Organization: Canadian Council for Career Development (Ottawa, ON)

Summary: An online career development quiz to roll out every Canada Career Development Week, providing Canadians with a quick assessment of their career development “skill” and “will”. Users will learn about career development, be pointed to resources, and gain awareness of their relative career development strength. Aggregate results will be used to garner media attention about career development issues.

Project Description: A CCCD sub-committee has started working on this project, using Canadian career development experts and a survey expert to develop questions and generate answers and links to resources. The technical format of the quiz needs to be developed so that it can the system can draw questions from a larger pool (each user will answer only a few of many possible questions), provide users with immediate feedback and present the scoring in an engaging way. For 2013, CCCD networks will be used to generate a user base so that a national “test-run” can take place during Canada Career Development Week. For 2014, the key task will be generating media attention so that a large number of Canadians participate. Ideally, a major media sponsor would host the quiz and provide technical support.

All Canadians will be invited to participate.

If the CERIC award is received, funds would be used to support the technical (IT) work required.

Perceived Impact: The Career Development Challenge (CDC) will raise national awareness of career development by showing the need for career development competence. Participaction showed Canadians they had room to improve their physical fitness; the CDC will help them see career development differently. It will also inform/instruct/educate those who complete the challenge (i.e., users will get feedback about their answers, and they will be pointed to additional resources). When aggregate results are released in news reports, the CDC will create a national conversation about career development competence.