A View of Cannexus12 through the Eyes of Rich Feller

by Rich Feller Arriving a day early from Fort Collins, Colorado to attend two Cannexus Pre-Conference Workshops I regret missing the third.  Eager to attend anything Mark Savickas presents I missed the Cannexus Actively Mastering What We Passively Suffer: A Counselling Session. Yet having access to Mark, and networking with him and his lovely wife…


Conference Sketches

By Barbara Williams OPPORTUNITIES – A Dialogue on Career Development and Employment Preparation in Ontario Ontario’s 3rd Annual Career Development Conference took place from April 4-6, 2001 in Toronto. This conference was presented by an alliance of government, non-government and community agencies that have an interest in career development and employment preparation in Ontario. OPPORTUNITIES…

colleagues brainstorming at whiteboard in officeCareering

Career Briefs

The Great Canadian Skills Mismatch A number of important demographic shifts happened since Rick Miner published the first report in the People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People series in 2010. The Great Canadian Skills Mismatch is intended to add new perspective to the ongoing debate about the existence of skills shortages and/or mismatches in Canada.