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Storytelling is the career superpower your clients need to master

Being able to deliver a compelling career story will help jobseekers identify their value and communicate it to employers Alastair MacFadden Contemplating a path through an uncertain future can be agonizing. For students and workers, it can be particularly uncomfortable. They are bombarded with information and advice. From the future of work to the impact…

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Making career development ‘stick’ in K-12

The career development gap in schools can only be bridged by prioritizing and scaling programming Adriano Magnifico I grew up with superheroes. I loved their superpowers – Superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound or the Torch igniting into a flaming comet. I always had a soft spot for Spiderman, who could spew silk…

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Bridging the skills awareness gap through reflection

Queen’s University card sort and mapping activities can help students acknowledge and articulate their skills with confidence  Carli Fink There is a lot of chatter about a graduate skills gap, but a skills awareness gap may be more appropriate. Post-secondary students and recent graduates have many skills — skills they have learned in classes, developed…

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Career Briefs

CERIC’s Cannexus conference to go virtual in 2021  Cannexus21, Canada’s bilingual Career Development Conference, will bring stakeholders together around the theme of Career Development for Public Good and feature 150+ live and on-demand concurrent sessions in both English and French. Live sessions will be held over four days (Jan. 25 & 27 and Feb. 1 & 3, 2021) and registrants will…

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Editor’s Note

A professor once told me that to live a quiet, simple life is heroic. This stands in contrast to what we typically associate with heroism: dramatic acts of real-life bravery or Marvel superheroes fighting to save humanity. What I believe my prof was trying to tell me – to calm my career-planning anxieties – was that it takes strength to…

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Leveraging an interdisciplinary approach to succeed in a shifting job market

Career practitioners need to be visionaries and change-makers by advocating for the value of creativity and innovation Colleen Knechtel In a knowledge economy, one important career development superpower is an interdisciplinary approach for innovation. Interdisciplinary mindsets involve recognizing diverse knowledge to enable collaboration, whereas interdisciplinary skillsets embrace relational competencies, work experiences, the sciences, humanities, trades…

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Reignite your purpose with this career superpower

Help clients unlock the power of enthusiasm to galvanize self-discovery and career development Taylor Cook There is one career superpower that is independent of degrees and qualifications. It is relevant to all types of clients and can be applied at any career stage. Its utility spans industries, functions, roles and geographies. The strength of this…

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Journalling: A strategy to better navigate career transitions

Clients can respond to writing prompts, write unsent letters and make lists as a way to process emotions and explore their options Nora M. Kelly In a classic experiment on “Expressive Writing and Coping with Job Loss” documented in The Academy of Management Journal (1994), recently unemployed professionals who wrote about the thoughts and emotions…