Project Partner: Hire Prospects and D-Code
Language: English


The National Youth Entrepreneur Social Attitude and Innovation Study is a research project of Hire Prospects, the Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centre’s Youth Survey Outreach Service, in partnership with D-Code, the Research firm developing insights on youth. This CERIC Partnership Project examines youth attitudes toward entrepreneurship as a career option by outreaching to youth across Ontario and lower mainland British Columbia. It includes an on-line survey with 400 youth and innovation workshops with 40 youth who are considering entrepreneurship and 10 youth who are operating small businesses. The project is guided by and advisory group of stakeholders interested in entrepreneurial attitudes of young people.

The project will:

  • Provide details of personal experiences of the entrepreneurship process, which counselors, trainers and coaches can incorporate into their work with clients.
  • Create a reference resource to support counselors in their work. Provide detailed solutions, from clients’ perspectives, on how counselors might understand and respond to the emerging entrepreneurship social trends on an individual, community and societal level.

The results of the National Youth Entrepreneur Social Attitude and Innovation Study are intended to contribute to the economic and social wealth and productivity of young Canadians. Findings of the research will be disseminated in a final report and through conference presentations including the National Cannexus 2008 Career Development Conference.