New “sequel” is here!

A follow-up to Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice has just been published in January 2024. The new book Practice Principles: Career Theories and Models at Work provides career professionals with theory-informed principles for everyday application. A “go-to” guide, it traces practice ideas back to the theories and models from where they were derived. This sequel is co-authored by Dr. Nancy Arthur, Dr. Roberta Borgen and Dr. Mary McMahon.

Career Theories and Models at work book cover
Editor(s) Nancy Arthur, Roberta Borgen (Neault), Mary McMahon
Publisher CERIC
ISBN 978-1-988066-34-9


This edited international collection of contemporary and emerging career development theories and models aims to inform the practice of career development professionals around the globe. It is also intended to be used as a text for undergraduate and graduate career counselling courses.

In order to effectively serve clients and the public, career practitioners need to be equipped with the latest theories and models in the field. Ethical career practice requires practitioners to be up-to-date with their knowledge about theory – and how theory informs practice. This publication provides practitioners with a tangible resource they can use to develop theory-informed interventions.

  • Contains 43 chapters on the theories and models that define the practice of career development today
  • Contributors are 60 of the leading career researchers and practitioners from four continents and nine countries: Australia, Canada, England, Finland, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States
  • Featured authors include the original theorists and those who have adapted the work in unique ways to inform career development practice

Presented in a reader-friendly format, each chapter includes a Case Vignette that illustrates how a theory or model can be applied in practice, and Practice Points that summarize key takeaways for career practitioners to implement with clients. Additional references are also included.

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Now available in French! An international team of research professors and doctoral students worked on the translation and linguistic revision project to produce Théories et modèles orientés sur la carrière : des idées pour la pratique.

About the Co-Editors

Dr Nancy Arthur is the Dean Research in UniSA Business, University of South Australia. She co-developed the model of Culture-Infused Counselling, which was the basis of an award-winning text. Dr Roberta Borgen (Neault) is President of Life Strategies. She is past Editor of the Journal of Employment Counselling, leading the “Thoughts on Theories” special issue. Dr Mary McMahon is an Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Education, The University of Queensland. She co-developed The Systems Theory Framework.

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Publishing of this book was made possible in part by the generous contributions of these Knowledge Champions.


Jennifer Browne, Interim Director, Student Life, Student Life, Memorial University

Wow! As a practitioner, Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice is a fantastic, comprehensive and significant contribution to the field of career development. To have gathered so much information from respected scholars and practitioners around the globe is marvelous. It is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in career development, and a must have for both new and seasoned staff.

Bill Borgen, Professor, Counselling Psychology, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

This book is an outstanding compilation of the work of leading international career development scholars and practitioners. Each author provides a succinct overview of their theoretical perspective along with clear practical applications that provide a wealth of resources for career and employment professionals.

Sareena Hopkins, Executive Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF)

This text is a breakthrough in bridging theory and practice! It shines a spotlight on leading-edge theories from around the world and the myriad ways theory can enhance and extend practice. This is most definitely a must read!

Guðbjörg Vilhjálmsdóttir, Professor, Career Guidance and Counselling, School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland

This book is exactly what we needed in the field of career counselling. It shows how rich this field of research has become. I will most certainly have my students read it.

Dr Hazel Reid, Emeritus Professor of Education & Career Management, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

This is an impressive and useful book that offers a wealth of examples of contemporary approaches for career guidance and counselling work. The design of each chapter helps the reader to understand the theoretical underpinning before providing a case study example that illustrates its use in practice. Authors represent the breadth of innovative developments within the international field. For practitioners, trainers and students keen to enhance their professional knowledge, this is an essential text.

Gill Frigerio, Principal Teaching Fellow, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

A treasure trove of resources to stimulate the imagination of any career development practitioner, this book is packed full of classic and contemporary career theories. Each one is related to a client case study, with accessible reading lists and digestible points for practice. This valuable book is sure to stimulate new and experienced practitioners alike in finding creative ways to integrate theory with their practice in innovative ways. If you ever wondered how career development theory is relevant to practice, this book shows you how.

Raimo Vuorinen, PhD, Project Manager, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Applying theory to practice is an essential competency for practitioners who are providing career services. Each career theory has distinct features and career practitioners often combine more than a single theory in designing interventions with their clients in accordance with their local conditions. This edited collection highlights the latest developments and the emergence of new approaches in our field. It provides the practitioner with a structured framework for mutual learning and a rationale for selecting appropriate practices, which they can use in increasing capacities to navigate both complexities and new opportunities of the current labour market.

Jennie Miller, National President, Career Development Association of New Zealand

With its multi-country perspectives, Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice is a treasure trove.
Representing the depth and breadth of current career theory and practice models, the “tried and true” is refreshed and new gems added.
Individuals starting out in the field and developing their professional identity will appreciate the scope this book offers to inform practice.
Career development educators seeking a comprehensive, easy-to-understand text with illuminating case studies will want this publication on their students’ reading lists.
Researchers across country contexts and disciplines will undoubtedly cite this work as background to their own contributions to the field.
Those who advise and make career-related policy would do well to familiarize themselves with this valuable up-to-date guide to the theory and practice underpinning our profession.

Sing Chee Wong (Ms), President, People and Career Development Association (Singapore)

Career Theories and Models: Ideas for Practice has certainly inspired me with interesting ideas on how I could enhance the career counselling assistance I give to my clients in Singapore.
I especially appreciate the Case Vignettes which illustrate how clients can be assisted using the different theories and models. The illustrations facilitate better understanding of the contextualization of these theories and models to assist clients who may not share the culture of the clients usually referred to in other publications.
The practice points at the end of each chapter summarize succinctly how the theories/models could be used effectively. This is another appreciated feature of this book.
Great work!

Rob Straby, Professor, Career Development Professional Graduate Program, Conestoga College

Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice is one of the most comprehensive textbooks to guide career development professionals. Drawing from a truly global list of authors, this text provides insights into the evolution and diversity of the field. Chapters cover a full range of topics, from children to athletes to organizational career practice. The highlight of each chapter is the practical tips provided which help bridge the models with the everyday needs of our work.