Decade After High School Parent Guide


Military to Civilian Employment: A Career Practitioner’s Guide

May 17, 2009

Author(s) Cathy Campbell
Michael Ungar
Peggy Dutton
Publisher CERIC
ISBN 978-0-9687840-6-8
Produced with Dalhousie University


The transition from high school into educational and occupational pathways is a bewildering process for many young people and their parents. From the time they start kindergarten to the day they graduate from high school, most youth travel down a relatively straightforward path. They proceed systematically from one grade to another. Everyone their age is doing pretty much what they are doing school-wise, and career decisions are something for the distant future.

This guide offers a glimpse into the world of today’s emerging adult. It describes the multiplicity of pathways that youth follow when training for and finding their way in a labour market that is vastly different from when we were starting out. This booklet for parents; written to give you hope and guidance, offers practical suggestions for constructive roles you can play, activities you can undertake, and resources you can use as you help your children make informed, personally satisfying career decisions.