Rhonda-JRhonda Joy is Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research as well as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University for the past 10 years. She brings to the university setting over 20 years of experience as a counsellor in the K-12 school system. Rhonda has been an active member of the counselling psychology program and the faculty with involvement in teaching, research and service. Her passion for and experience with helping others and supporting students at all levels of their development has been the impetus for much of her research. One of her interests is the area of career development. The importance of career development can be seen in her use of experiential learning and reflective practice in her classrooms. As well, she has been involved in an innovative research project, Career Integrated Learning (CIL), which helps students to reflect on and articulate some of the competencies they may gain while learning in the classroom. Students reported that becoming aware of the transferable skills they developed/refined helped to be better prepared for the world of work and allowed them to think about their education from a broader lens.