Careering magazine is a tri-annual publication of CERIC and a great venue for sharing career development best practices, information and strategies.


Careering aims to be an inclusive career services resource that provides quality original content from different perspectives in the field of career development and from across the nation.

Articles that are a “good fit” for Careering meet the following criteria:

  • A topic relevant to career development professionals
  • Canadian focus – regional perspectives are welcomed if they are explicitly stated as such (Some international submissions will also be accepted. Please inquire.)
  • Inclusive in nature and applicable in multiple contexts
  • Fact-substantiated
  • Solution-focused
  • Non-promotional – submissions must provide solid information and ideas. If your information is of a promotional nature, please contact our marketing team ( to discuss options.

Be sure to include a two- to three-line biography that showcases your work history, publications and/or organization.


Publishing an article in Careering is an excellent opportunity to build your profile as a career development practitioner. Our contributors are volunteers and are not financially compensated.

Each issue of Careering is promoted to over 12,500 subscribers through our email list, and also through our social media accounts and LinkedIn Network. The print issues are mailed to 9,000 individuals and organizations and are distributed at Cannexus and other conferences and events in the field. Back issues of Careering (and its predecessor, the ContactPoint Bulletin) are available on our website. Careering articles can be reprinted in other publications, given that Careering is being clearly referenced as the original publisher (see “Reprinting”). We also encourage contributors to promote their organizations or services in their biographies.

Repeat Contributions

Careering is committed to providing a venue for a variety of perspectives in career development. As such, we strongly encourage new writers to contribute. In an effort to create an inclusive environment, CERIC’s Content and Learning Committee reserves the right to publish individual authors only once every 12 months. If you wish to publish more often, the CareerWise website is a more appropriate option. Inquire at

Previously Published Submissions

Careering aims to provide new ideas and information to the career development field. However, some articles warrant wide distribution. We will accept a limited number of articles that have been previously printed in other publications/websites. Please provide the details of previous printing with your submission and confirm that we have permission to reprint your article.

The Process

If you would like to submit an article to Careering magazine, please first email a brief outline of your proposed topic to Lindsay Purchase at

Visit the website for submission deadlines and issue themes. Submissions on topics outside the theme are also welcomed. We will also post a call for submissions for every issue through our various communication channels.

Submissions to Careering are reviewed by CERIC’s Content and Learning Committee using the criteria outlined above. The Content and Learning Committee consists of volunteers with a breadth of experience in various areas of career development. They also represent different regions of Canada and have writing and/or publishing expertise.

Articles selected by the committee may be edited. Authors approve of edits to their articles prior to publication. We ask that authors provide approval of edits in a timely manner to ensure inclusion.

We often receive a large number of submissions and may save articles for future issues. We may not be able to include all submissions in the print editions, and some accepted contributions for these issues will only be available on the website and announced in the print edition as “web-exclusive content.”

Contributors will be notified via email when their article is published. If your article appears in the print edition, the author should notify to request a print version.

CERIC reserves the right to update links and information as required in articles that are archived on its site.


If we are approached by another organization asking to reprint an article, we will contact the author with the details assuming that we have up-to-date contact information. Contributors are asked to notify us if there is a change of email address.

If an author is approached by another organization asking to reprint his/her article, we ask that the author notify us and request that the following text is added to the reprint: “First published in Careering magazine, [insert date of issue].” We also ask that in electronic reprintings, a hyperlink from the article leads back to the Careering section of our website at

Thank you to all of our authors for making Careering such a successful resource!