The Conference Board of Canada has dubbed 2010-2020 the “Talent Decade,” elevating the work of career professionals as leaders. Shifting demographics and other dynamics are challenging traditional approaches to career planning, engagement and program delivery. In this Talent Revolution, career services are more critical than ever. This seminar will identify what’s different about your work today, and the new competencies that are required. It will sharpen your skills as leaders of career/employment centres, career development/talent management programs – and as people managers. It will provide the tools you need to stay ahead of the trends and ensure your clients and organizations thrive.

Detailed Agenda:

Section 1 – Learn:

1. Introductions and Overview of objectives/desired outcomes

2. The Talent Revolution: Labour market trends and implications

3. The way forward for clients in transition and for organizations facing change

Section 2 – Apply:

4. Making your career services as effective as you would like

5. How to avoid defaulting to normal paradigms

6. Case Study: Real life learning in action

Section 3 – Do:

7. Critical skills for revolutionary times

a. Creative Collaborations: Your best partners may be found in unlikely places; building alliances for service delivery, financial support, outreach, advocacy and more

b. Change is Challenging: Finding common ground among groups with different values and cultures; framing your message to make sure it’s heard and navigating “gotchas”

c. Innovation Nation: How to infuse innovative thinking throughout your team

8. Summary and next steps action plan

Your Seminar Leader

Lisa Taylor is a trailblazer intent on challenging outdated career thinking. She understands how demographics are driving strategic changes to today’s workplace reality and her company Challenge Factory tackles every aspect of the issue with results-oriented solutions. She offers a dynamic perspective on how demographics and talent patterns offer organizations an opportunity to transform outdated business models and gain strategic advantage. With an MBA in Strategic Management and Public Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Lisa was a senior consultant with Deloitte and held Practice Lead, National Managing Principal and Global Team roles with Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co. Lisa is a sought-after expert, speaker and columnist—the go-to resource for helping companies recognize and adapt to changing career timelines and demographic composition. Her clients and audiences rely on her invaluable insights and real world know-how. Indeed, Lisa’s expertise is widely recognized and regularly cited in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Sun Media, CBC, Zoomers Media, Rogers and other North American media sources.