By Roberta Neault

Talking in Colour 2003

Western Canada’s Personality DimensionsTM/True ColorsTM Networking Conference

The 3rd Annual Conference for True ColorsTM and, now, Personality DimensionsTM facilitators was held on September 20 in Port Coquitlam, BC, co-sponsored by Life Strategies Ltd. and Terry Fox Secondary School.

Conference participants were very eager to learn about the new, fully Canadian, temperament tool, Personality Dimensions (PD)—launched over the summer by Career/LifeSkills resources. Dr. Roberta Neault facilitated a “bridging” session in the afternoon that allowed many of the conference participants, already certified as True Colors trainers, to become certified to use this exciting new instrument.

We were delighted to have Denise and Neil Hughes join us from Career/LifeSkills Resources (CLSR) to share the research and development of PD and plans for future additions to the model. Harley Auty coordinated the CLSR book table, providing a wonderful opportunity for trainers to get a first hand look at resources for their toolkits. You can reach the CLSR team at: for more info on the model.

We had several other speakers make presentations on creative applications for True Colors and Personality Dimensions. Judy Williams and Estella Erickson presented an engaging and humorous workshop on “Time and Type”, Deirdre Pickerell introduced Personality Dimensions, and Renee Russell introduced a dynamic casino game that she’d developed as a teambuilding tool. Bernie Lalor-Morton shared techniques for using Personality Dimensions in life values conversations and Lynne Hedley shared creative new interactive activities (including some magic tricks!).

Not surprisingly, a key focus this year was the changing requirements for using True Colors in Canada. It has been a challenging few months for many trainers and organizations as they adjust programming (and budgets) to adapt to new terms of use for the model. Some expressed deep disappointment that, under the new system, they could no longer afford to use True Colors—a tool that they had really enjoyed working with. For more information, we referred conference participants to Diane Blair (, the new Canadian director for True Colors.

Feedback about this year’s conference was very positive, encouraging us to hold another event in 2004. We’ve heard that there may be other regional conferences as well (the initial one was held in Ontario and there has been one in the Maritimes, too). For more info on the Western Canadian Talking in Colour Conference, please contact Roberta Neault or Deirdre Pickerell or visit our website at