With the support of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC), the Green Skills Network has published Emerging Green Jobs in Canada, a labour market research report that provides insight for employment counsellors into the changing labour market and its potential for entry-level employment.

The report includes a two-part literature review on the green economy and specifically on the renewable energy and energy conservations sectors to help employment counsellors, job developers, job seekers and anyone with an interest in green jobs to gain a better understanding of entry-level green jobs and the skills needed to secure them.

The report includes a number of tools for employment counsellors and job developers to use to connect their clients to employment and training opportunities in the green economy. These tools are:

  • Job task analyses for six common green jobs
  • An inventory of training programs, provided by private trainers, and public and private colleges, for jobs related to renewable energy and energy conservation
  • An inventory of employers that provide services in renewable energy and energy conservation
  • An online and interactive map of renewable energy and energy conservation projects across the country
  • Case studies on five successful green jobs training programs, each with a different training and business model that fits the needs of the organizations and partners involved

We encourage readers to engage in the online discussions, which will launch on August 7, 2012. Discussions will be held on the following platforms:

Access a copy of the full report.